Shannon Toomey


Who is Shannon Toomey?

Shannon's Twitter bio reads "overall life enthusiast", but her professional world revolves around working at Google. A musician and a connoisseur of mac and cheese, Shannon is a Seattle transplant who adores her community and seeks adventure.


More fun facts

  • Shannon's least favorite sound in the world is ice cubes being broken out of plastic trays.
  • She's a multi-instrumentalist who plays any stringed instrument with frets, but maybe will one tackle the cello.
  • Her first jump into social media was in high school after making YouTube music videos that somehow became very popular in the Czech Republic. This also became a quick lesson in copyright laws.
  • The pride of her hometown in the Tri-Cities centers around the number one 7-11 in the world, with 18 Slurpee flavors. She has definitely found the perfect combo.
  • She was part of national championship Irish Dance team in middle school and still has a slight aversion to bagpipes because of it, but she's working on it.
  • After college, Shannon took a job at Walt Disney World, and was back in Washington within 6 months. There's too many stories to share here, but just know Winnie the Pooh costumes are hard to get out of quickly.
  • Her dream job as a child was to be a writer for Muppets Tonight.


Shannon Toomey's daily questions for Siren members

Followed by her personal answers!

What's been one of your biggest Aha! moments?

If you can get a good story out of it, it's worth trying. 

Would you like to be famous? In what way? 

I think city-famous only, anything bigger sounds exhausting. Best Party Band? (Sounds better than a cover band...) 

How did you spend your Seahawks Sunday?

Living in proximity to the stadium, I spent it how I always do: hosting a party! 



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