Sharon Arnold

Founder of Bridge Productions 


Who is Sharon Arnold?

Sharon Arnold is a Seattle-based artist, writer, and founder of Bridge Productions. She has independently curated in various renegade spaces as well as SOIL Gallery, Roq La Rue, and most recently was one of four curators for 2015's landmark event Out of Sight Seattle at King Street Station which ran alongside the Seattle Art Fair. Bridge Productions is home to several projects featuring a broad range of contemporary art and literature to create a strong, accessible connection to the arts through publications, monthly art exhibitions, events, collaborations, and curated box sets. Located in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle, historically a vibrant hub for artists and performers, Bridge provides a venue which creates the opportunity for artists, makers, patrons, and supporters to convene in celebration and support of the arts.


More fun facts

  • had a double-major in sculpture and printmaking with a minor in art history at Pratt Institute before graduating from Cornish College of the Arts with concentrations on sculpture and philosophy
  • is classically trained (but out of practice) in violin, viola, and cello but could probably still pick out Led Zeppelin's Battle of Evermore by ear on the mandolin
  • rides a custom built-for-the-track motorcycle, year around
  • cooked professionally in Seattle and Manhattan for over sixteen years and can butcher an elk, so you probably want them on your team during the zombie apocalypse
  • dropped out of high school halfway through 10th grade with failing grades, and didn't go to art school until the age of 27
  • the first show they curated was in 2009, a show-within-a-show at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival
  • started Bridge Productions in 2010 as a response to the need for alternative spaces in Seattle and has worked with over a hundred artists in various shows, curated box sets, writing projects, and independently curated spaces since then


Sharon Arnold's questions for Siren members

What do you say when people ask "what do you do?"

What kind of environment do you work or play in? What's it look and feel like, and what is your typical day-to-day?

What was one of your most meaningful failures?

What dream will you make happen/manifest/realize in the coming year?

How do you tap into your creative side every day?

Who might your parallel self be if you hadn't made the key decisions in your life?

How does your past affect your future?


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