Sierra Stinson


Who is Sierra Stinson?

Sierra Stinson was born to hippie parents in Northern California. She moved to Seattle eleven years ago because she knew it was underrated and the weather wasn't as terrible as the rumors. She runs an alternative gallery known as Vignettes focused on underrepresented artists in addition to a full time position as Art Director for Made-in-Seattle clothing company Prairie Underground.


More fun facts

  • She has lived in three different apartments in the same building over the last five+ years. She has no intention of moving again unless it is out of the city or into a house.
  • Sierra doesn't know how to cook. Everyone says you can begin any time but it stresses her out so she avoids it happily.
  • She fell for a guy who lived in Glasgow and moved abroad to be with him at age 23, the relationship ended when her visa was up, it was the most romantic thing she ever did and doesn't regret it for a minute.
  • In the first year of running Vignettes out of her studio apartment she hosted 24 exhibitions, one every two weeks.
  • Sierra studied theatre seriously up until her final year in high school in which she quit and went on to attend art school because she wanted to be around visual artists - not because she wanted to be an artist.
  • When Jim Henson died she was devastated because she thought that would be the end of all muppets. She was five at the time.
  • Sierra still drives the same car she first learned to drive when she was 15, her name is Susie. 


Sierra Stinson's daily questions for Siren members

What are your current political thoughts surrounding feminism? 

Look up Jenny Holzer's 'Truism' series, pick your favorite and state it.

Recall a turning point in your career and/or heart -- where did it take you?

In the last year what do you find is one of the important events to take place in the world at large and why? 

What was the last arts and cultural event you attended and what did you think?

Ethics aside - If you were to carve a message into a tree for anyone in the future to find what would you say?

How old were you when you first felt heartache? What was the cause of it?


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