Single and living in Seattle? Read this. 


There's no doubt about itdating can be a hassle. In theory, the variety of dating apps on the market make meeting new people as easy as ordering a pizza, but the process of finding someone you really connect with can feel like a full time job. 

The good news is that Seattle is brimming with newcomers in the tech industry and beyond, many of them single and looking to meet new people. The not-so-good news is the existence of something longtime Seattleites know as the Seattle Freeze: a stereotype categorizing Seattle as a difficult place to make friends or form close relationships. Newcomers might note with frustration that strangers are very friendly and outgoing one minute, and difficult to pin down or unresponsive the next.

If you've experienced the Seattle Freeze, we can assure you: It's not you, it's us

Some have speculated that Seattle's Scandinavian heritage is to blame, others cite the weather. One thing is certain: the rise of Seattle's tech sector and the popularity of the internet are not helping thaw the Freeze and may even be worsening it. Many Seattleites are hardworking, introverted people who would prefer to hide behind a computer screen than meet up in real life.  

Fortunately, you're not alone. There are many other people seeking a connection just like you, and Siren is here to help you make that happen. It might take little extra effort to melt the Freeze, but it can be done. 


Siren members discover each other by answering our Question of the Day

Siren members discover each other by answering our Question of the Day

Siren combines the convenience of online dating with the spark of chemistry you experience when you have a great conversation with someone new. Popular hookup apps rely heavily on photos and physical appearance, but you know that you're more than your ability to take a hot photo. Our Question of the Day feature provides daily icebreakers that give our members the opportunity to show off their personality, creating an atmosphere that's fun and conversational.

Dating apps make you sell yourself, Siren lets you be yourself. 

Like what someone wrote as a response to a particular question and want to learn more about who they are? 'Like' their response as a low-key flirt, or send them a connection request to establish contact. Once they accept your request, you're able to chat. 

Ready to melt the Seattle Freeze? Download Siren and start a conversation!

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