Siv Prince


Who is Siv Prince?

Siv is a Seattle native who has lived in New York and New Orleans before finding herself back in her much-changed and ever-growing hometown. When she was 25, she and her boyfriend, Sam, took out a loan from her parents to buy the healthcare education company where she worked. This year, she and Sam are celebrating five years of being partners in life, love and business. They balance the work-relationship thing with wine and by channeling their frustrations into being Mariners, Huskies and Seahawks fans, which affords them plenty of opportunities to scream at the television.


More fun facts

  • Once performed songs from "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" for Gov. Gary Locke, was not offered cabinet position
  • Cooks, but does not bake
  • Took driver's ed from a 9/11 conspiracy theorist who told me "the truth" while I learned to parallel park
  • Is not taking this whole "bacon will kill you" thing terribly seriously
  • Has a mother and aunt who are identical twins, has cousins who look A LOT like me
  • Listens to KPLU's Saturday programming - starting with the Best of Car Talk and ending with Wait Wait Don't Tell Me - religiously, like some sort of child of the 1920s or that kid in A Christmas Story who never misses his favorite afternoon radio show
  • Decided I was too hipster to own a TV, am now forced to watch wide-screen cinematic masterpieces and prestige television on a 7" x 11" I-Pad propped against my partner's knees


Siv Prince's daily questions for Siren members

Followed by her own personal answers!

Which Matt Damon are you? Jason Bourne? Will Hunting? A lonely NASA scientist growing plants on Mars?

I'm the uncredited cameo Matt Damon had in Field of Dreams, later credited on his IMDB as "Baseball Fan at Fenway Park". Either that or I'm the teenage Matt Damon in Mystic Pizza who whines all through his family lobster dinner party.  

If you could re-introduce a favorite childhood game and make it a part of typical social scenes in adult life, what would it be and why?

I'd like to bring back Connect Four. I used to school other kids with that game. I once beat my cousin 73 games in a row. 

If you could hybridize a dinosaur with a non-extinct animal to create a new dino-animal creature, what would it be?

I think we've all learned from the Jurassic Park movies that messing with dinosaur DNA is a bad idea.

What is the last thing you learned that deeply changed how you felt about something?

Reading Ta-Nehisi Coats' "The Case for Reparations" was one of the most affecting works of journalism I've ever encountered, and reading it challenged much of what I had previously wanted to believe about our country and its history.

What kind of book club are you in or wish you were in?

I'm not in a book club, but I'm in a memoir writing group that assigns a lot of reading homework. We read published memoirists and critics, as well as each other's work. 

What was your best thrift shop/yard sale score?

I once found a vintage St John two-piece knit suit at the old Red Light on Broadway (it has the big gold buttons and everything). I wear it when I want to look like somebody's rich grandmother.

If you were a teacher, what subject would you teach to what age group/grade?

I think I'd like to teach fourth graders. My fourth grade teacher taught American history with an emphasis on social justice. We studied the impact of Japanese interment on Seattle, and the Civil Rights and suffragette's and women's movements. I think kids at that age are old enough to be exposed to heavy topics of social and racial injustice, but they are young enough to feel hopeful about change and their own role in the future.  

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