What is STACKEDD Magazine?

STACKEDD is a Seattle-based, feminist, online publication. We provide a comment-free platform for the women and those who identify as such to share their stories.


More fun facts

  • The Double Ds in our name refer to our Girrl Power. We love that when dudes search for porn they end up at our site full of feminist literature.
  • Our founder Ma'Chell Duma LaVassar once gave a speech at the EMP Pop Conference (aka the Super Bowl of Pop Culture writers) called "My Vagina Makes My Musical Decisions".
  • Our youngest and only male- identifying contributor is Ma'Chell's seven-year-old son.
  • STACKEDD's readership is almost equally split between the sexes.
  • STACKEDD hosts a quarterly party called "A Bloody Good Time" that collects boxes tampons and pads as admission which are donated to women in need.


STACKEDD Magazine's daily questions for Siren members

 _____ is never worth the money, ______ is always worth the money.

Which television show is your current binge watching series?

My most feminine trait is _______, my most masculine trait is ________.

The Circus is hiring - what would your role be?

What was your most embarrassing browser search entry?


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