Susie Lee

CEO, Siren


Who is Susie Lee?

She is the CEO of the company that breaks the static, swipe-to-reject models of dating apps. Here, you lead with personality, and women share their photos with the men they choose. (You know, like catching someone's eye in real life!) So go ahead, charm someone's pants off.  


More fun facts

  • Siren's team has rockstar devs who are actual ROCK STARS. (hey, hey Midday Veil and Sister's Girlfriend!)
  • Siren's CEO is a visual artist with degrees from Yale, Columbia and Univ of WA in molecular biophysics & biochemistry, science education, and fine arts.
  • Our COO is a bowling gladiator who designs for grown-ups. None of that pink hearts and winking nonsense.
  • Durex partnered with Siren on their #Connect campaign because they said we were the best online platform for offline connections. 70mil views in 42 countries.
  • Siren won Geekwire's App of the Year. We beat out Starbucks and Alaska Airlines. #AllInADaysWork!
  • Siren's got over 100+ interviews and shout-outs including The Guardian, ThinkProgress, NPR, CNN, Marie Claire, Geekwire, The Stranger, Engadget, Bustle, and Cosmpolitan.
  • Help us bring back civilized flirting, a little laughter, and real connections in the digital space. If you want sites that reduce humans to playing cards, this is not the app you're looking for. 


Susie Lee's daily questions for Siren members

When the zombies come, what's your weapon of choice?

Describe three must-have's in your dream house.

What's a fear that you'd like to overcome?

Seriously...which one and why: Star Wars or Star Trek?

Describe your favorite outfit as a kid.

What local restaurant MUST people try (and what dish)? 


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