The Establishment

What is the Establishment?

The Establishment is a multimedia company run and funded by women that’s predicated on a simple, yet radical notion: the world is a better, more interesting place when everyone has a voice. Our goal is to unearth overlooked stories, produce original reporting, and provide a platform for voices that have been marginalized by the mainstream media.


More fun facts

  • The Establishment loves social justice, bahn mi sandwiches, and orgasms—not necessarily in that order, but preferably at the same time.
  • The Establishment will always dance. (Except to maybe that Big Sean song, "I Don't F*ck With You.)
  • The Establishment was born in Oakland, lives in Berkeley, and wants to retire on Mars.
  • The Establishment is fighting the good fight, trying to take up space, and telling the truth.
  • The Establishment may or may not have a killer duck face, but definitely knows every word to the rap in "My Way" by Usher.
  • The Establishment has a voice like a bell, but the mouth of a sailor.
  • The Establishment is an exhibitionist with a heart of gold.


The Establishment's daily questions for Siren members

ollowed by their own personal answers!

What was your favorite book when you were a kid?

Jessica: The Illustrated Classics version of the Count of Monte Cristo. I had over 100 of those chunky, heavily edited novels, thanks to my grandparents

Nikki: What I tell people: Anne of Green Gables. The truth: Flowers in the Attic.

Katie: As a kid kid, like 5? How Hudson Saved Rock City. (It's about a psychedelic futuristic city of peppermint sticks that are ravaged by the "tongue-men" and the war they wage and win. As a fourth grader? I was pretty obsessed with Bridge to Terabithia. (Obsessive heart-wrenching love in the forest complete with a tragic death?! YOU BET.)

If you could have any band or artist living or dead play at your next birthday party, who would you pick?

Jessica: Red Hot Chili Peppers, but only if they can get John Frusciante to come back (sorry Josh)

Nikki: WILSON PHILLIPS. And they'd just perform "Hold On" over and over for two hours straight.

Katie: Ween. They warble, they shred, they're preposterously weird with their synthesizer, some of their lyrics just eviscerate me. I love them forever and ever, don't care!

You're only permitted five words. What do you say to the president?

Jessica: So fucking proud of you

Nikki: Hi, Nikki I'm, you're--cool! (an accurate reflection of what would probably come out of my mouth)

Katie: Secret to not snapping is...?

What do you remember about your very first day of school?

Jessica: Nothing at all.

Nikki: The spiffy red shoes my grandma bought me, and blinding fear.

Katie: Mostly a blur BUT I do remember I was cast at like 4 in Little Bunny FooFoo and I played the good fairy and part of my costume was sparkly underpants and I can remember distinctly FREAKING OUT in the bathroom that such a thing existed and I got to wear them. I was beside myself with joy.

How do you really feel about long walks on the beach?

Jessica: Only walk half as far as you want to go, because you have to walk back 

Nikki: Too much work--sidewalk NEAR beach preferred; car ride near beach preferred most.

Katie: Honestly, collecting shells and rocks is like my favorite thing ever. So I love them. But I like it when someone else is there with big pockets I can stuff everything in.

If you were a sandwich, what kind would you be?

Jessica: A Romanburger, from Mr. Hero, a small sandwich shop chain in my hometown of Cleveland

Nikki: Peanut butter jelly time, peanut butter jelly time

Katie: Can I be a perfectly crisped reuben sandwich with sneaky sriracha mayo?!

If you could instantly learn a language, which would you pick and why?

Jessica: American Sign Language, because I've always wanted to learn it. That's a boring reason, but so be it. 

Nikki: All of them. What, that's not an option?

Katie: ...I'm gonna go on the assumption here that ALL animals speak the same language and I'd definitely get in on that. For more-than-obvious reasons.


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