Tim Lennon

Director of The Vera project

Who is Tim Lennon?

Tim Lennon is the executive director of Seattle's all-ages music and arts mecca The Vera Project and a member of the Seattle Music Commission. He's programmed events for the Hoodstock and Bumbershoot festivals, the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, the 50th anniversary of the Seattle Worlds Fair and the music community POC as Fuck. He has yet to defeat his 6 year old in stick-lightsaber battle.


More fun facts

  • I come from Providence, like most things that are good.
  • I'm *very* distantly related to President(s) George Bush. Sorry 'bout my cousins.
  • I learned more working at bookstores than in any of my 4 attempts at college.
  • I'd trade all the espresso in Seattle for a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee.
  • Everything you need to know to succeed in life you can learn from the Muppet Movie.
  • Off the Wall > Thriller


Tim Lennon's daily questions for Siren members

Followed by his own personal answers!

I know we'll have come closer to ending racism when...

My six year old doesn't feel the need to ask me if the police will kill me. Or him.

What can you do now that your childhood or teenage self would be most jealous of? What could you do then that you can't do now?

Teenage me would love that I go to so many art and music things. Grownup me wishes I could skip work to explore art and music and the city as fully and freely as I skipped high school to do the same.

You get to road trip with any one person, living or dead. They are in charge of the stereo. Who do you pick?

My maternal grandfather, Ed. He was a fascinating man who lived through some incredible times. Though I never got to know him that well, he's had a big influence on me. I think it'd be great to hang out with him (in good health) and talk man to man.

What one thing that you wear best captures who you are? How?

My Adidas Sambas. Simple. Old school. Black & white. Can fit in almost anywhere. Always good for a long walk.

What actor of a different gender- AND racial-identity would play you in your bio-pic? Why them?

Michelle Yeoh, Bebe Neuwirth, Helen Mirren, Rosie Perez or Selenis Leyva. Any of them could capture my seriousness and the very-not-seriousness that lies underneath. And each only gets cooler as they get older.

What single work of art (music, film, painting, dance, book, etc.) has the power to make you cry? Why?

The song "The Tigers Have Spoken" by Neko Case & The Sadies. The combination of her voice andthe emotional landscape of the guitar and lyrics just gets me every time. I know that tiger.


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