T.s. Flock

Visual Arts Critic 


Who is T.s. Flock?

T.s. Flock is a writer and artist based in Seattle, where he is the visual arts critic for Seattle Weekly and Vanguard Seattle, which he co-founded. He will never live in a place far from water.


More fun facts

  • If he could do it all over again, he would have studied dance as a child
  • His favorite Ptolemaic constellation is Lyra
  • He had the two best meals of his life on the same day in Kyoto 
  • His two favorite German words are "Rachefeldzug" and "Sehnsucht."
  • If he could only wear one color for the rest of his life, it would be white
  • He does not have a bucket list... just a very long project list
  • He thinks Ben Franklin was right and the turkey should have been the national bird of the U.S.


T.s. Flock's daily questions for Siren members

Followed by his own personal answers!

You are having your portrait painted. What objects does the artist include alongside you?

Three is the magic number, so three black trees in the background, three white eggs in one hand, and three clusters of unnaturally red grapes beside me.

You get to name a large crater on the moon after someone. Who gets the honor?

As craters are the result of a catastrophic impact, it's tempting to go negative and name it after a villain. But given recent events, there's a stellar individual who deserves the honor for his more artful impact...David Bowie, naturally.

A new pill allows you to stay awake without side effects forever, but you can never dream again. Do you take it? What's your rationale?

As much as I tell myself that I would be more productive without sleep, I know I'd probably waste a lot of that time on things less interesting than whatever my subconscious could bring out of me. So tempting...but no.

You get to genetically engineer the perfect pet using three different animals. What are they, and why?

Octopus. Angora Rabbit. Cat. Sounds like an abomination, I know, but hear me out: Octopus for the extra floppy limbs (stretchy AND durable), high intelligence and full on hugs. Angora Rabbit for the vegetarian diet and maximum fluff. Cat for purring, litter box training and occasional sassiness. Perfection.

If you could raid the wardrobe of any film for your own closet, which film would it be?

The Fifth Element. Including all 900 of the costumes Gautier designed for the opera scene. ALL OF IT.

You encounter a friendly space alien on earth. What is the first thing you tell/ask it?

"So... *pours tea* tell me about your trip."

You get to name a new sports car. What do you call it?



In answering this, I was surprised to learn that there was already an Ixion and a Phaeton. Going a bit dark with the myths, aren't we, car industry? I'd pick the most sonorous of harpy names: Aello.


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