Zuri Biringer


Who is Zuri Biringer?

Zuri Biringer was one of Siren's iOS devs, a Buddhist, and philosopher.


More fun facts

  • I live in Squamish, BC
  • I can play Eruption
  • I know some Ancient Greek
  • I once sat in meditation for 2 hours
  • I helped write this app
  • Really excited about Benedict Cumberbatch playing Alan Turing
  • Huge Tim & Eric fan


Zuri Biringer's daily questions for Siren members

Who are 2 people that you'd like to have a debate with or engage in a good discussion with at a dinner party?

What new skill would you like to learn at this time? Why? 

What would you consider one of your best virtues in yourself?

Siren Mad Libs: Would You Rather _________ or __________ ?

 This winter I plan to ______________

Where do you get your news from?


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